Aldrin & Michelle 1 Year Anniversary | Lourensford

I photographed Aldrin & Michelle’s engagement a few years back and had the honour of having them in front of my lens once again this morning at the stunning Lourensford Estate for their 1st wedding anniversary in their wedding attire. What a stunning setting and couple to start off the day!

Aldrin Michelle_0001 Aldrin Michelle_0002 Aldrin Michelle_0003 Aldrin Michelle_0004 Aldrin Michelle_0005 Aldrin Michelle_0006 Aldrin Michelle_0007 Aldrin Michelle_0008 Aldrin Michelle_0009 Aldrin Michelle_0010 Aldrin Michelle_0011 Aldrin Michelle_0012 Aldrin Michelle_0013 Aldrin Michelle_0014 Aldrin Michelle_0015 Aldrin Michelle_0016 Aldrin Michelle_0017 Aldrin Michelle_0018 Aldrin Michelle_0019 Aldrin Michelle_0020 Aldrin Michelle_0021 Aldrin Michelle_0022 Aldrin Michelle_0023 Aldrin Michelle_0024 Aldrin Michelle_0025 Aldrin Michelle_0026