Wian & Crystal Proposal

Oct 11th, 2016

This was such an honour to be a part of! Liss from Flytographer helped Wian plan the perfect proposal. A basket with roses and champagne was delivered to me  to surprise Crystal with on the day. I ended up having to hide it under a blanket in the car to make sure she didn’t see it right away.  We had the whole thing planned out with me pretending to be taking pictures of the scenery at Blouberg and wait for them to be in position. My cue would be that he asks me to take a picture of them with his cellphone but we quickly had to change our gameplan when Crystal saw Wian messaging a photographer. He then had to pretend that it was a surprise gift for their second anniversary. We started the shoot by me posing them for a few shots after which went down on one knee to ask her to be his wife! It was incredibly windy at the beach so they wrapped up in the blanket for the last few shots before heading off to dinner. These two are absolutely adorable together. Hope you treasure these memories for a long long time!
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